Discover 10 Fantastic Skincare Gifts for a Holiday Glow

Discover 10 Fantastic Skincare Gifts for a Holiday Glow

The holidays are sneaking up on us, so it’s the time to beat the crowd of customers and stay ahead of snatching up the best gifts. Herbacin skincare is a savvy pick, thanks to its ability to keep your skin happy during the chilly, dry winter season. Whether it’s for your older relatives or younger friends; everyone needs to protect their skin.

We gathered the top gifts this holiday season that will nourish your families’ hands and hearts!

1. Wellness Treatment Gift Set - Lavender and Wild Rose

After planning your child’s winter break or grocery shopping in a blizzard, your gift-getter deserves to use products that nurture and relax their body after a long day. With Herbacin’s Body Milk, Shower Gel and Hand Cream, our Wellness Treatment sets provide the perfect combination of products to nourish your scalp and body all winter long. Choose from our Lavender scent in Calm & Relax or Wild Rose in Find Your Balance.

2. Camouflage Gift Set - Speed Shaving Cream and Razor

When your husband is in a rush for work and barely has time to shave, no more worries. He can stay looking sharp by simply applying a sheer layer to his skin and then gently massaging any remaining cream onto the shaved area. Not only is he free of any hair, but his skin is also nourished! Shop our Camouflage Gift Set.

3. Nurture by Nature Botanicals Lavender Pillow Mist

We haven’t forgot about all the other incredible products other brands have to offer. This pillow mist puts you to bed after a long holiday party. With its lavender oil, the mist helps decrease heart rate and blood pressure, allowing you to have the good night’s sleep you deserve.  Shop it here!

4. Bath Sensations Aromatherapy Set – Harmony & Balance

Need to unwind? Our lavender bath and body oil has your back. It'll keep your skin moisturized with almond oil and give you that cozy, soothing feeling thanks to avocado oil. Shop our Herbacin Aromatherapy Set in Harmony & Balance and increase your relaxation this holiday season.

5. UGG Women’s Pom Pom Fleece Lined Crew Socks

This crew sock, featuring pom poms and laced embellishments, is made with soft fleece lining and arrives beautifully packaged with a gift tag and bow, making it a perfect present. You can find these cozy socks online.

6. Hand & Skincare - Three Tin Set

Whether you're having a blast in the snow or busy wrapping presents, don't forget to keep your skin hydrated! Herbacin tins are perfect for everyone, from your little one to your grandparents. Our Limited Edition Hand & Skin Care Set offers hand creams in original and lavender scents as well as our Intensive Moisture perfect for rough and dry skin patches like hands, elbows, and knees.

7. Hand & Skincare - Five Tin Set

Step up your game and get five tins instead of three! Perfect as an individual gift – OR – you can break up the set and use the tins as stocking stuffers or hostess gifts. Your friends and family will be grateful. Shop our Herbacin Hand & Skin Care 5 Tin Set.

8. Mulberry Silk Eyemask

When you're using Herbacin's eye cream, throwing on a silky mask is the way to go for extra eye protection while you catch some rest. It's like a shield for your skin and hair, making sure they don't get roughed up by any late-night friction. Plus, it feels naturally cool to the touch and keeps things comfy by helping maintain a cozy temperature.  Shop it here!

9. Face Care Gift Set – Eye Cream & Towel

Staying up all night during the holidays can lead to tired, saggy eyes. Protect your youthful look by applying eye cream every night. Don't let those unwanted lines steal your holiday shine — shop our Face Care Gift Set  to bring the sparkle back to your skin.

10. Camouflage Gift Set - Energetic Kick Start

Want to begin your morning with an Energetic Kick Start? This set offers two Herbacin Camouflage products for men: a shower gel featuring a masculine scent and sparkling-fresh active complex of magnesium and authentic extracts of ginger and melon; and a soothing, aluminum-free deo roll-on for daily odor protection. A perfect and revitalizing way for him to start the day!

So consider this your friendly heads-up! Your loved ones deserve quality products, and maybe you can treat yourself to a little holiday gift by adding just a few more things to your cart.