Go Green This Holiday!

Go Green This Holiday!

‘Tis the season of comfort foods, traditional family recipes, and overindulgence! So, there’s no better time to pack in the greens for dietary balance. Get a head start this holiday with healthy greens to keep your digestive system working right. Vary your greens and put kale on the back burner (temporarily) to give other glorious greens a chance to shine!

Alkaloid Buildup

It’s not that we’re tired of kale—our concern relates to a condition called “alkaloid buildup”. When consuming raw, leafy greens, we’re ingesting small amounts of toxins that occur naturally in the plant. The purpose of these toxins is to ensure that the plant species doesn’t go extinct by making it inedible to other animals. After several years of consuming the same dark leafy greens, it’s possible for those toxins to build up in your body, resulting in thyroid problems including fatigue and nausea.

While alkaloid buildup doesn’t happen all that frequently, we still want to be doing everything we can to avoid it!

Some “green” swaps to try!

For your smoothies:

Substitute the kale and spinach in your morning green smoothie for another dark green leaf like Swiss chard. Add a banana and you won’t be able to tell which green you’re drinking!

For your salads:

With just a hint of tartness and spiciness in the leaves, arugula is a refreshing addition to your salad. Try it with roasted squash and top with pomegranate seeds for a delicious fall flavor.

For your soups and stir-fry:

For stir-fry add some flavorful bok choy! This Chinese cabbage is packed with antioxidants and is a great addition to not just your stir-fry, but also comforting soups this fall. You can even grill it as a side dish!

For your holiday side:

Try roasting Brussels Sprouts! These small cabbages offer Vitamin C and fiber - and can easily be customized to your tastes. From a zingy lemon juice and parmesan to a Balsamic glaze to spicy chili oil and sesame seeds, there’s so many toppings to choose from.

There’s so many nutritious green foods out there to try this holiday season. Go outside of your comfort zone and try a new recipe as you gather with friends and family. We bet you’ll be surprised at how delicious eating your greens can be!