How to Winterize Your Skin on a Budget

How to Winterize Your Skin on a Budget

With the change from warm to cold weather, your skin can get stressed out. In fact, issues like flaky skin, irritation and chapped lips can be an everyday struggle. But there's no need to spend a fortune on luxury products to get through the winter months! The Herbacin Intensive Moisture line was designed specifically for the needs of sensitive skin and is the perfect solution for year-round protection without leaving an oily feeling.

The Herbacin Intensive Moisture line includes a unique combination of active ingredients like vegetable glycerin and camomile blossom extract, plus the intensively nourishing properties of aloe vera and vitamin E. It's suitable for anyone who needs to effectively deal with dry or chapped skin. It comes in a variety of formulations:

The Intensive Moisture Body Lotion combines intensive moisture with effective skin protection. With hyaluronic acid, bioactive ingredients derived from aloe vera and camomile blossoms to provide the ideal balance of nourishment for dry sensitive or damaged skins while also improving elasticity to protect against external aggressors like dry air from indoor heating and pollution particles which can cause damage over time. It’s a perfect all-over moisturizer, especially as the winter months drag on.

The Intensive Moisture Hand Cream comes in both a tin and a tube, so you can choose the perfect package for your purse! This intensive moisturizing hand cream was developed specifically for dry and rough skin, combining daily protection with improved moisture retention in any climate condition, but especially for the winter months in colder climates. It provides strong but gentle coverage from environmental stressors like wind or sun exposure and also helps protect vulnerable areas - such as elbows or knees! It also keeps hands soft and smooth all winter long.

Best of all, both products won't break the bank! The hand cream ranges from $4 to $10, depending on the size you get, while the body lotion comes in at $17! This way you can get the benefits of a $50 dollar hand cream for drugstore prices… a win if we say so ourselves!

Don't let the cold weather take a toll on your skin this winter, and don’t let overpriced cosmetics take a toll on your wallet! The Herbacin Intensive Moisture line is an affordable way to winterize your skin without sacrificing quality. With its unique combination of active ingredients, it's perfect for anyone who needs to effectively deal with dry or chapped skin. So why wait? Give your skin the gift of moisture today!