No Shave November Aftermath - Herbacin’s Camouflage line to the Rescue

No Shave November Aftermath - Herbacin’s Camouflage line to the Rescue

November is here, and that means it's time for men to put away their razors and participate in “No Shave November”. This annual event not only raises awareness for men's health and cancer prevention, but it also allows men to embrace their facial hair for the month. However, at the end of it all, they are going to need the right products when they begin shaving again to prevent razor burn, rashes, and everything else that comes with an unattended beard!

Tips for Shaving off a One-Month Beard:

1. Do it Over Time

If you've got over four week's growth, you should do it over time. Use a beard trimmer to trim down to a short stubble, then leave it for a week before going clean shaven.

2. Prep the Skin Under the Stubble

It's important to have good skin, as well as a good shave - exfoliate and moisturize at this stage. The skin underneath your beard hasn't experienced the elements in a while, so you'll be exposing the face at its most sensitive.

3. Bring on the Steam

It’s always best to shave at the end of a shower, because the beard hair is softer and your pores will be softer as well. Use a high-quality shaving cream and a sharp razor. Lather the face and, using your free hand, stretch the skin tight. Shave carefully with the direction of the hair growth, making sure to rinse the razor every so often.

4. After Shave Soother

Skin can be especially sensitive after the first shave in a while, so rather than lather on an astringent based after shave, opt for a soothing treatment to calm the skin.

Herbacin’s Camouflage Line for your best shaving experience

1. Camouflage Moisturizing Face Balm

Prep the skin under the stubble with this pleasantly light cream-gel specifically designed for men's stressed skin, based on an innovative moisturizing and repair complex. It provides for long-lasting moisture, delivers intensive care and absorbs quickly, without leaving a greasy residue. Carnosine and Vitamin E bind free radicals while strengthening the cell membranes. Furthermore, Carnosine also helps to reduce the reaction between sugar molecules, collagen and elastin, thereby increasing skin elasticity and counteracting premature aging.

2. Camouflage Shower Gel and Body and Hair

When you are ready to shave, make sure to shower first to make the shave easier and smoother. The plant-based surfactants in our Camouflage Shower Gel are extremely mild, and cleanse and condition both skin as well as hair in a particularly gentle and non-irritating way, while simultaneously preserving the natural pH balance of your skin. Put this on your face and its ultimate cleansing power will calm and soothe your skin of any issues due to your facial hair.

3. Camouflage Speed Shaving Cream

Now you are ready to shave. Apply our Camouflage Speed Shaving Cream thinly on your skin, then shave as usual, and afterwards gently massage the cream residues into your freshly shaved skin. Thanks to its natural lipids of sweet almond and shea nuts, the cream prepares even particularly sensitive skin perfectly for a thorough shave, improves lubrication of the blade, thus preventing minor cuts effectively. Vitamin E and organic camomile gently protect against skin irritation. Aloe Vera, fucose biopolymer, provitamin B5 and allantoin in turn promote optimal hydration and make your skin feel pleasantly smooth and supple.

4. Camouflage After Shave Fluid

Camouflage After Shave Fluid is specially designed for very sensitive skin following a close shave. With its soothing care complex of allantoin, panthenol and witch hazel, this refreshing fluid not only accelerates the healing process of minor irritations, redness and fine cuts, but also simultaneously promotes hydration of the skin with natural melon extract. Thanks to its super-light texture it is rapidly absorbed and leaves no greasy residue.

Enjoy your “No Shave November” and have a great shaving experience in December with Herbacin’s Camouflage line!