Herbacin Launches Face Care Range for Women to Combat Premature Skin Aging

Herbacin Launches Face Care Range for Women  to Combat Premature Skin Aging

Dallas, TX, June 2, 2015 – Herbacin, the natural skin and personal care manufacturer, announces the launch of its first Face Care range, which was developed specifically for today’s busy women who are looking for skincare products that help prevent premature skin aging. The Face Care range, like all other Herbacin products, is pure and natural in its formulation, and made from the finest sustainable herbs and botanicals.

Unlike men, women produce estrogens in their skin that helps keep it plumped and supple. As we age, beginning in our mid-twenties, estrogen levels decrease and the result is that our skin becomes dryer and less smooth. It also loses its elasticity and wrinkles become deeper and more visible. The luxurious Herbacin Face Care series was designed specifically to counteract the effects of skin aging, naturally and gently.

The five products in the Herbacin Face Care range include:

Herbacin Face Care Eye Cream

The ultimate wake-up call for fine lines and wrinkles, the double complex with hyaluronic acid and carnosine promotes optimal hydration of the delicate skin around the eyes, while increasing skin’s elasticity.

Herbacin Face Care Day Cream

Perfectly balanced care with luxurious almond oil, jojoba oil and shea better, this ultra-light cream is rich in naturally active moisturizing boosters, such as dex-panthenol, fucose biopolymer and the extract of white lupine, and is designed for all skin types.

Herbacin Face Care Night Cream

A gentle care nourishing formula with almond oil, avocado oil and shea butter, this cream has a lasting soothing effect on skin. Natural extracts of chamomile and lotus blossom, as well as ingredients from the seed of the moth bean, stimulates cell renewal while you sleep.

Herbacin Face Care Anti-Age Serum

This well-balanced formulation contains the finest lipids of sweet almonds and shea nuts. An innovative bio-active complex gets a naturally moisturizing boost from the extract of white lupine, and highly-dosed hyaluronic acid. Combined with the anti-aging agent carnosine to help counteract premature skin aging, this serum is the best defense for all skin types.

Herbacin Face Care Two-Phase Make-up Remover

Gently removes make up while giving your complexion a velvety, clear, radiant, fresh look and feel. The oil of sweet almonds protects the natural hydro lipid film, while vegetable glycerin with natural extracts of Aloe Vera and ripe melons promote optimal hydration of your skin after cleansing.

The Herbacin Face Care range is available now at and Meijer stores.

For additional information or to request samples of the Face Care range, please contact Jillian Chertok at, 212-693-2150 x311.

About Herbacin®

Founded in the heart of Germany in 1905, Herbacin® created a very distinctive brand early on, that to this day reflects its collaboration with nature. By sourcing the very best organic ingredients this trusted brand has become well known for formulas that work. The original Herbacin® hand lotion is still a beloved product and women around the globe instantly recognize its distinctive green packaging.

This European botanically based skin, hair and body care line is highly regarded for its commitment to product excellence and integrity. All Herbacin® products are produced at the company’s facility in Wutha-Farnroda, Germany and undergo dermatological testing to ensure purity and efficacy. 

The full line includes: Herbacin® Kamille Body and Hand Care, Herbal Facial Care, Herbal Hair Care, Herbal Shower Gel, Herbal Aroma Bath, Herbal Bath Sensations, Wellness Baths & Showergels, Foot Care line, and the latest Face Care and Camouflage for men lines.

Herbacin® products are available in 45 countries worldwide.