Beat the Heat with these 10 Summer Skin Essentials

Beat the Heat with these 10 Summer Skin Essentials

Summer may be winding down, but the forecast still looks toasty for the coming weeks. Whether it’s taking out the trash, walking the dog, or watching your kids play in the pool, you are constantly looking for a convenient and effective way to beat the heat. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

This list of our 10 Beat the Heat Essentials is the ultimate guide for staying cool from your head to your toes. Mix and match our suggestions as per your unique needs and let us know what you think!

1.  Chill-Its 6634 Cooling Headband - Wet this headband before strapping it around your forehead, and you can enjoy its cooling effect for hours! It even provides UPF 50+ protection from the sun’s UV rays.

2.  Herbacin Lip Balm - Made with plant-based materials from organic farming, natural beeswax, and no preservatives, this lip balm comes in a cooling mint flavor. If the heat tends to dry out your lips, this is a must-have.

3.  Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle - Stay cool from the inside out by remembering to hydrate every 15 minutes or so. With a high-quality insulated water bottle, ice can keep your drink cool for hours, even in hot conditions. Staying properly hydrated will help support all your body’s organ systems, including the skin.

4.  Herbacin Skin Solutions Creamy Face Wash - Have you ever rubbed aloe vera on sunburned or inflamed skin? This famous green succulent is both cooling and anti-inflammatory, which is why Herbacin includes it in the Skin Solutions Creamy Face Wash alongside camomile and marigold.

5.  A Stylish Sun Hat - You know what they say: “Prevention is better than a cure.” Rather than exposing your face or neck to the sun’s harsh UV rays, upgrade your style and protect your skin by wearing a wide-brimmed sun hat. It will also help keep you cool!

6.  Squirrel’s Nut Butter Saddle Butter - Designed for cyclists, but useful for anyone who encounters chafing on hot, humid days, this salve includes peppermint and tea tree oils, making it anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and pleasantly cooling. Apply it anywhere you experience chafing, including between thighs and under bra straps.

7.  Herbacin Skin Solutions Daily Moisturizer - The best daily skin moisturizers provide both protection and nourishment for your skin, which is why we recommend our Skin Solutions Daily Moisturizer for people of all skin types. It also includes the triple plant formula of aloe vera, camomile and marigold.

8.  UV-Blocking Car Window Shades - If you’re spending any amount of time on the road, don’t discount the sun’s potential to turn your car into an oven and even damage your skin with its UV rays. Even when your car is parked outside the grocery store, window shades will help keep your vehicle cool for when you return.

9.  Gaiatop Portable, Foldable Handheld Fan - If you frequently find yourself outside during the summer, or you work in a hot office, a portable fan can be indispensable. This one folds for easy storage, making it convenient to stick in your bag and carry everywhere you go.

10.  Herbacin Cooling Foot Gel - Last, but certainly not least, add Herbacin’s Cooling Foot Gel to your shopping list. It features menthol, menthyl lactate and camphor for a refreshing and cooling effect, as well as red vine leaves and horse chestnuts to strengthen and tone the veins in your legs.